Kjersti Bjørkmo is a Norwegian poet, based in Oslo, Norway. She was born in the Lofoten Islands north of the Arctic Circle and grew up in Tromsø, the world’s northernmost university town. She studied phonetics and linguistics at the University of Bergen and ‘Spanish language studies and Latin American studies’ in Bergen, Norway and in Quito, Ecuador. Besides her profession as a poet, she works for a Norwegian non profit foundation whose paramount object is to protect and promote freedom of expression and the environment for freedom of expression by encouraging lively debate and the dauntless use of the free word.
Bjørkmo’s debut poetry collection «Jegharprøvdå blivenn med dyrene» («I’ve tried making friends with animals») was published by Cappelen Damm - one of Norway’s leading publishing houses - in 2014. It was said that «A surprising and strong use of imagery characterises Bjørkmo's poems. When used to explore classic themes such as loneliness, alienation, memories and so on, the poems expand and give a nostalgic sense of poetic delight», and the collection was well received by critics. Kjersti Bjørkmo’s published literary works also include numerous poems in anthologies and in school books, song lyrics, essays and poems in newspapers and literary publications. She has, since her debut, frequently been invited to Norway’s festival scenes where she has participated with readings, poetry talks and lectures. Her more recent work displays a humorous side of poetry as well as she continues to explore life’s more unbearable serious emotions, with what one critic characterised as «a wonderful, weird and surprising imagery».