The poet, columnist, scriptwriter and university teacher Petr Hruška was born in Ostrava in Czech Republic on 7 June 1964. He took a degree in Czech language, literature and literary studies in Ostrava. He works in the Institute of Czech Literature of the Academy of Sciences, in Brno, and also teaches literature at Masaryk University, in Brno. He is on the editorial board of Host, a literature monthly. Dresdner Lyrikpreis (1998) and Jan Skácel Award (2009) and National prize for literatury (2013) winner.
Petr Hruška grew up in Ostrava, where his father was a chemical engineer and his mother a nurse. His brother Pavel is a literary critic and theoretician. His partner Yvetta Ellerová is a singer and composer (the Ostrava musical groups Norská trojka, Complotto). After his secondary school studies in Ostrava (he graduated in 1983), he studied at the Ostrava Mining University (Department of Mineral Resources, specialising in water treatment, engineering degree in 1987). Between 1990–1994 he studied Czech Literature and Literary Theory at Ostrava University (his M.A. thesis was on Contemporary Underground Czech Poetry and Prose). Later he completed his doctoral studies at Masaryk University in Brno (doctoral thesis on “Postwar Surrealism and Reactions to Inertia in the Avant-Garde Model in Official Poetry”, successfully defended in 2003). From 1994–1995 he had an internship at the Institute for Czech Literature of the Czech Academy of Sciences and since 1995 he has been employed there as a researcher in 20th Century Literature. He resides in Ostrava.

Since the early 1990s he has been publishing poetry, literary criticism and literary history articles in the magazines Host, Tvar, Revolver Revue, Literární noviny, Souvislosti, Weles, Psí víno, Lidé a Země, Slovenská literatúra, Protimluv, Obrácená strana měsíce, etc. Since the mid 1990s he has also regularly contributed as a literary critic for Radio Vltava. With Jan Balaban he founded the magazines Landek (1995–1998, and sporadically) and Obrácená strana měsíce (since 2003), and together they also performed in Jiří Surůvka’s cabarets. With Ivan Motýl he organised Literární harendy (1992–1994), often improvised evenings of literary events, text-appeal and happenings. Together with Radovan Lipus he wrote the play Průběžná O(s)trava krve (premiere 1994; television recording 1997, radio recording 2000, also CD in 2000). He wrote the script to the documentary film Genius loci – A History of the Literary Magazines Host and Host do domu (dir. Vladimír Kelbl, TV Brno, 2002, broadcast 2003). Several of his poems have been set to music by the group Norská trojka (CD Zelený Petr, 2002). The (2/3 2004) edition of the literary magazine Aluze published a CD with the author reading selected poems. He contributed to the samizdat magazine Eliáš v zahrádkách (1987) under the pseudonyms ph and phr.